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Original Event From: 11/24/2021 10:22 AM
Oracle patching and Solaris upgrades are complete. Banner upgrades are still in progress and are scheduled to complete by 7pm.
AITS production Oracle database and Solaris server maintenance
Summary of Work:
		Apply latest Oracle patches and perform Solaris server upgrades
Impacted Audience:
Clients of AITS supported production services requiring Solaris servers and Oracle databases
Impact of Work:
		Production services running on select Solaris servers, and connecting to Oracle databases, may experience downtime during this event.  Oracle patching should complete by 9AM, Solaris upgrades should complete by 12PM.  This work is being combined with Banner upgrades which are scheduled to complete by 7PM.
Event Start:
12/05/2021 06:00 AM
Event End:
12/05/2021 12:00 PM
Affected Systems/Services:
Academic Vacation and Sick Leave (AVSL), AITS supported production messaging infrastructure, AITS Web Services, Allocations and Assessments (ALAS), Applications Manager (Appworx) production batch processing, Appslogin, Archive server, Astra Schedule, Attribute Maintenance System, Axiom Elite, Banner Administrative Pages, Banner Document Management Services (BDMS-BXS), Banner Event Application (BEA), Banner Reporting Database, Banner Self-Service, BannerRequestGateway, Business Objects - Eddie, Campus Charitable Fund Drive Application (CCFD), Catalog Publish, CFO System Trends and Stats, Clean Address, College of Med Continuing Med Edu database, Course Applicability System (, Cross FOAPAL, Data Warehouse Processing (ETL), Decision Support Password Management, Decision Support USC Requests, Deduction Applications, Diploma File Extract Distinctions, Diplomatic Departmental Distinctions, Document Direct for the Internet (DDI), Einvoice, Employment Verification System (EVS), Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), Ethics Office Reporting Application, Expected Graduation Date Application, FABWEB, FCPWEB, Federal Methodology Needs Analysis (FMNA), FormFusion Evisions, Grants and Contracts Applications, GrayBook, HireTouch, HR Front End, HR Reporting Portal, HRPAY Tools (NEWT), iBuy, Illinois Contract System (iCS), Informatica batch processes, Institutional Research database, Integration for E-Procurement, Intellecheck, Involuntary Deduction, K2, MDT database, My UI Financials (MyFi), My UI Info, my.uic, my.uillinois, my.uis, myDisclosures (COI), myDisclosures Batch Process (RNUA), myFCOI Checklist (COI), myProposals (Kuali Coeus), myResearch Portal (piPortal), National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) Batch, Nelnet Business Systems (NBS), OCR for AnyDocs, PARIS, Payroll Application, Pcard, Personnel Registry Management System (PRMS), pi Portal, Production AITS Solaris Servers, Professional Programs Admission Application Interface (PPAA), Proficiency and Placement Advanced Placement (PNPAP), Protected Email Attachment Repository (PEAR), PRZM, Registration Time Ticketing (RTT), Report View Module (RVM), RISC database, SAS reporting, Security Application, SOEEA Time Reporting, State Appropriation Control System (SACS), Student Web Withdrawal Self-Service, Transfer Credit Extract Front-End Application, Travel and Expense Management (TEM), Travel Card Web Application (TCard), Tuition Waiver Eligibility Front-End Application, uAchieve, UI New Hire, UIC Class Scheduler, UIC Common Application Interface, University Codebook, University Payables Applications, Vendor Services Application Prequalification CAPS, Vendor Services Application: External Application Service (XAS) and Vendor Registration Application, Vet Med - Vetstar, Vet Med -VADDS, Veterinary Medicine Production Servers, View Direct, W-2 online access
Affected Campus: