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Original Event From: 09/09/2021 09:29 AM
The sync errors were corrected and synchronization is processing normally. There could be another 30-60 minute delay before all of the backlogged groups are processed. We apologize for the delay.
Authorization Manager group sync to AD degraded
Summary of Work:
		Tech Services engineers are investigating a possible issue with group syncing between AuthMan and the UOFI AD. This does not impact Azure AD syncing or API queries.
Impacted Audience:
All applications that depend on AD groups sourced from AuthMan
Impact of Work:
		Some access policy groups may not be updated in LDAP in a timely manner, causing user membership to be incorrect. This only affects groups in the default OU=AuthMan container in the UOFI AD. Custom provisioners are not affected.
Event Start:
09/09/2021 09:29 AM
Event End:
Affected Systems/Services:
Active Directory, Shibboleth IdP
Affected Campus: