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Original Event From: 11/18/2020 10:49 AM
Brief maintenance to web single sign-on service used by various campus services
Summary of Work:
		The Urbana campus Shibboleth identity provider used to access Illinois Compass 2G, UofI Box, Google Apps @ Illinois,, the web toolbox, and other campus services will undergo brief maintenance.
Impacted Audience:
All Urbana campus users of Shibboleth-protected resources
Impact of Work:
		No impact to customers is anticipated during this work.
Event Start:
11/19/2020 07:00 AM
Event End:
11/19/2020 07:05 AM
Affected Systems/Services:
Cloud Dashboard, Contacts Database, Course Explorer Web Application and API Support, Electronic Directory Editor, eText, Google Apps at Illinois, IDEALS, Illinois Compass 2g, Illinois Wiki, Kaltura (Illinois Media Space), Knowledge base, Not listed - please see Impact of Work, Pinnacle, (PIE), REDCap, Shibboleth IdP, U of I Box, WebStore, Zoom
Affected Campus: