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Original Event From: 08/18/2020 02:18 PM
We have determined that custom roles within both learning management systems (Moodle, Compass2g) default to the IMS defined Learner role and are not reconfigurable. Therefore, these custom roles cannot be differentiated from other Learner define roles and cannot be granted access to schedule Zoom meetings within Compass2g ( or Moodle ( For a complete listing of which roles can schedule Zoom meetings in Compass2g and Moodle please visit:
Zoom- certain roles are not displaying properly when used with and
Summary of Work:
Impacted Audience:
Zoom users with certain roles
Impact of Work:
		We have been alerted to an issue with Zoom?s Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). The LTI helps to map roles between Zoom and a Learning Management System (LMS), like Compass or Currently, some role mappings are working properly, but others are not. For roles not working properly, users will be missing capabilities for Zoom meetings within the respective LMS. These users will default to a "student" view for Zoom meetings within the respective LMS. Zoom Service Managers are working with the Zoom vendor to address this issue.

See below for roles that are/are not mapping properly.

Role	Mapping Properly
Instructor	yes
Teaching Assistant	yes
Course Builder	no
Course Administrator	no

Role	Mapping Properly
Teacher	yes
Non-Teaching Editor	no
Course Administrator	yes
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08/18/2020 02:18 PM
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