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Original Event From: 05/13/2020 12:16 PM
The firewall is online running the new firmware.
Firewall Firmware Upgrade
Summary of Work:
		The Tech Services network group will perform maintenance on the campus perimeter firewall on 5/19/2020, from 5:00 AM to 7:30 AM causing disruption to all traffic that goes through the perimeter firewall. What will be disrupted by this maintenance is described in more detail below.
Impacted Audience:
UIUC Campus
Impact of Work:
		Because this maintenance affects all network traffic that goes through the perimeter firewall, the following disruptions will occur:
- IllinoisNet, IllinoisNet_Guest, and Eduroam will be unavailable. Users will be able to connect to the wireless networks without any issue. They just won't be able to access non-UIUC services (like or Netflix)
- Websites and web services hosted on the Urbana campus will be inaccessible by anyone attempting to reach them from outside of the Urbana campus network. This includes off-campus internet services as well as devices using cellular connections from on or off campus. This means that, Exchange webmail, and other web-based services from Urbana will be unavailable from off-campus during the maintenance.
- Access to non-Illinois websites will be unavailable from campus during this maintenance. For example, anyone with a wired connection to the campus network will be unable to reach off campus websites like or Netflix.
- Skype. All Skype functionality (including Skype to Skype calls) will be fine if you are on campus. What will be disrupted are Skype to Skype calls between off-campus and on-campus.
Several services will continue to work during this maintenance including the following:
- The Tech Services VPN will continue to be available and provide access to campus resources.  (But access to off-campus resources with a "Tunnel All" profile will not work.)

- Calls made to and from campus from cell phones or traditional phone lines will continue to work normally.
- Services hosted in the Chicago datacenter or services that bypass the campus firewall will still be available.
- E-911 from campus will continue to functional normally.
Cloud-based services will continue to work during this maintenance for off-campus users, but will be unavailable for on-campus users. Services in this category include Illinois Compass.
Event Start:
05/19/2020 05:00 AM
Event End:
Affected Systems/Services:
Campus Network
Affected Campus: