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Original Event From: 03/31/2020 10:56 AM
Kaltura resources may be slow or return errors
Summary of Work:
		We continue to see intermittent problems with access to Kaltura.  The service is working normally most of the time, but it is intermittently slow with uploads or playback, or produces  either "API error" or Access Denied" errors.  

If users encounter trouble, they should try again later, and if the above errors are encountered, they can close the browser window and attempt their task again. 

The vendor continues to work on the problem by adding additional resources. 

Kaltura videos in Blackboard and Moodle are partially and intermittently affected.
Impacted Audience:
Users of Kaltura in MediaSpace or in Blackboard/Moodle
Impact of Work:
		Users can still access media and add new media, but may need to try again if they encounter an error, and the service might be slow.

We are working with the vendor on this issue.
Event Start:
03/31/2020 10:56 AM
Event End:
Affected Systems/Services:
Kaltura (Illinois Media Space)
Affected Campus: