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Original Event From: 10/03/2018 02:31 PM
Ethics training has been relaunched. Communications will be resent to employees in a staggered fashion over the next week reinviting them to take the training. Everyone should receive an email by 10/24. Starting now, staff can visit and start or resume the training. The training window has been extended to 11/30. Please visit for further details
The 2018 Annual Ethics Training has been suspended as of 12:30 pm CT (Wednesday, 10/3)
Summary of Work:
Impacted Audience:
All University Employees
Impact of Work:
		Due to MaxIT Learning Management System failures that have resulted in significant inconveniences and inefficient use of valuable time by our faculty and staff across the University System, the 2018 Annual Ethics Training has been suspended as of 12:30 pm CT (Wednesday, 10/3).  AITS and the University Ethics and Compliance Office will continue to work with MaxIT to determine how and when the Learning Management System can be brought back online.  We will also reevaluate and appropriately extend the 2018 Annual Ethics Training window to ensure all employees have sufficient opportunities to complete the training program.
Event Start:
10/03/2018 02:31 PM
Event End:
Affected Systems/Services:
Learning Management System (LMS) Servers
Affected Campus: