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Original Event From: 07/06/2018 03:01 PM
The Cloud application is up and the campuses have signed off on PRT.
Astra Schedule Cloud Cutover
Summary of Work:
		This change is to migrate from our on-premise Astra Schedule installation to the Astra Cloud provided by AWS.  The outage for this event will start at 11:30pm Friday, 7/13 
and has been approved by the 3 campuses.  We anticipate Cloud production being available at approximately 12pm on Monday, 7/16.
Impacted Audience:
Users of Astra Schedule
Impact of Work:
		The Astra Schedule application will be unavailable from 11:30pm Friday, 7/13 until approximately 12pm on Monday, 7/16.
Event Start:
07/13/2018 11:30 PM
Event End:
07/16/2018 12:00 PM
Affected Systems/Services:
Astra Schedule
Affected Campus: