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Original Event From: 10/11/2017 08:51 AM
In light of the recent decision to eliminate tracking of long distance usage on a monthly basis, no further action will be taken to provide long distance call details from September.
Pinnacle - Lync/Skype for Business Long Distance Call Details Missing from Sept reports
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Pinnacle Department Managers
Impact of Work:
		Lync/Skype for Business long distance call details are missing from the Pinnacle Sept 25th ‚??Statement of Charges‚?? report. 

While there are no charges associated with these long distance calls, call details such as the date/time the call was made, the called telephone number, and the call duration should still be available to Pinnacle Department Managers via the ‚??Statement of Charges‚?? report with a $0.00 billed amount.  As a result of the missing data, departments that do not have any billable charges for the month of September have blank ‚??Statement of Charges‚?? report.      

Tech Services is investigating but has yet to determine the cause or develop a remediation plan.
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10/11/2017 08:51 AM
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