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Original Event From: 05/08/2017 01:21 PM
Upgrade complete.
Blackboard upgrade to October 2016 CU3 version
Summary of Work:
		Upgrade Blackboard to October 2016 CU3 version, along with the underlying Oracle DB upgrade (v12.1 --> v12.2).
Impacted Audience:
Blackboard users
Impact of Work:
		Blackboard will be unavailable from midnight to 8pm. This scheduled maintenance does NOT include any differences in the way Blackboard looks and functions. Any course information already in Blackboard will not be affected.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ITS Client Services at
Event Start:
05/23/2017 12:01 AM
Event End:
05/23/2017 08:00 PM
Affected Systems/Services:
Affected Campus: