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Services hosted on AITS production Solaris and Linux servers are currently unavailable due to scheduled maintenance AITS - LDAP,AITS Web Services,AITS supported production messaging infrastructure,Academic Human Resources website ... More 02/09/2020 03:04 PM AITS
Tableau Server is unavailable during upgrade Tableau Server 03/01/2020 10:35 AM AITS
Xtender system maintenance AppXtender Document Manager,Banner Document Management Services (BDMS-BXS),WebXtender,Xtender IndexImageImport jobs ... More 01/25/2020 11:14 AM AITS
Routine SharePoint Maintenance SharePoint Enterprise Services 01/26/2020 11:17 AM AITS
Brief outage for IAM midPoint, ISA, Password Manager, and Affiliation Manager IAM Affiliation Manager,IAM midPoint,Identity and Access Management Support Application (ISA),Password Manager (IAM Front End) 01/28/2020 08:43 AM AITS
Network Connectivity Issues Enterprise Authentication Service (EAS), website 01/29/2020 09:44 AM AITS
AdAstra Schedule Outage Astra Schedule 01/29/2020 03:53 PM AITS
AITS Applications Manager batch processing is stopped during scheduled ICCN network maintenance Applications Manager (Appworx) production batch processing,Inter-Campus Communications Network (ICCN) 02/01/2020 08:49 AM AITS
Begin restriction to access EDDIE from university network addresses only Business Objects - Eddie 03/09/2020 01:19 PM AITS
SitePublish maintenance Websites deployed with SitePublish 02/06/2020 07:45 AM AITS