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Known Issue Resolved: Tableau Server direct view URL does not prompt for login authentication Tableau Server 11/08/2021 09:07 AM AITS
AITS production xfer file transfer server upgrade - Application Manager (Appworx ) processing stopped Applications Manager (Appworx) production batch processing,Xfer File Transfer services 09/26/2021 04:30 PM AITS
Network testing in RRB data center - AITS batch processing (Appworx) stopped Applications Manager (Appworx) production batch processing,HAB Administrative Network,RRB Administrative Network 10/10/2021 02:43 PM AITS
Services hosted on AITS production Solaris and Linux servers are currently unavailable due to scheduled maintenance AITS - LDAP,AITS Chicago VPN,AITS Web Services,AITS supported production messaging infrastructure ... More 10/17/2021 03:35 PM AITS
AITS production Windows server maintenance AITS Chicago VPN,AITS Windows Remote Desktop and Citrix servers,Academic Vacation and Sick Leave (AVSL),Automation Anywhere Bots ... More 10/14/2021 10:27 PM AITS
UIC uAchieve/Darwin Outage DARwin,uAchieve 10/07/2021 01:01 PM AITS Maintenance my.uic 10/07/2021 08:29 AM AITS
Banner upgrades Banner Administrative Pages,Banner Document Management Services (BDMS-BXS),Banner Workflow 10/16/2021 07:31 AM AITS
EDDIE and EDW unavailable Business Objects - Eddie,DS Training Registration,Decision Support Knowledge Center,Decision Support Metadata ... More 10/17/2021 01:11 PM AITS
Enabling 2-Factor Authentication on AITS VPN AITS Chicago VPN,AITS Urbana VPN 10/13/2021 09:40 AM AITS