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Event Affected Systems/Services Closed Posted By
MECM maintenance Endpoint Services - SCCM 09/26/2021 08:45 AM Technology Services
AITS production xfer file transfer server upgrade - Application Manager (Appworx ) processing stopped Applications Manager (Appworx) production batch processing,Xfer File Transfer services 09/26/2021 04:30 PM AITS
Zoom audio issues Zoom 09/27/2021 07:27 PM Technology Services
IPAM SSO Login disabled IP Address Management 09/28/2021 11:40 AM Technology Services
Help Desk receiving reports of ArcGIS login issues WebStore 09/28/2021 02:21 PM Technology Services
UIUC ArcGIS ESRI SSO Authentication Failing WebStore 09/28/2021 02:22 PM Technology Services
Tech Svcs Splunk Maintenance Event Correlation and Log Management - Splunk 09/29/2021 06:35 AM Technology Services
Network maintenance in RRB datacenter Not listed - please see Impact of Work 09/30/2021 07:17 AM Technology Services
EPS - Munki System Maintenance Endpoint Services - Munki 10/01/2021 08:05 AM Technology Services
Network Maintenance in the DCSS ACB Datacenter Data Center Shared Services 10/03/2021 09:31 AM Technology Services