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404 error on links within Answers KB reminder emails KnowledgeBase 07/20/2021 09:31 AM AITS
Adding 2FA to administrative portion of Answers KB KnowledgeBase 07/15/2021 05:12 PM AITS
Adobe Sign Document Cloud- Degraded Performance Not listed - please see Impact of Work section for details. 02/10/2021 04:26 PM AITS
AITS administrative fileshare server maintenance File Shares supported by AITS 01/14/2021 06:20 PM AITS
AITS Appworx/batch related reports running late Applications Manager (Appworx) production batch processing,BDM-Xtender imaging,Banner Document Management Services (BDMS-BXS),Banner Workflow ... More 11/24/2021 08:46 AM AITS
AITS Chicago VPN - Intermittent Connection Issues Not listed - please see Impact of Work section for details. 06/09/2021 09:18 AM AITS
AITS HAB Datacenter Network Maintenance Not listed - please see Impact of Work 05/22/2021 10:15 AM Technology Services
AITS investigating reporting of problems accessing Banner Admin pages Banner Administrative Pages 06/17/2021 09:57 AM AITS
AITS non-production Oracle database maintenance Non-Production Oracle databases,Non-production Banner 11/15/2021 08:56 AM AITS
AITS production Windows server maintenance AITS Chicago VPN,AITS Windows Remote Desktop and Citrix servers,Academic Vacation and Sick Leave (AVSL),Automation Anywhere Bots ... More 05/13/2021 11:23 PM AITS